Q: Why are GimmeYourHand.com staff members referred to as "Freakz"?
A: We are a group of people that society may not classify as "normal". Some may think being called a "Freak" is an insult, but we embrace it. Normal is boring, and we're damn proud to be different.

Q: Who do I complain to if I don't like something I see, hear, or read on GimmeYourHand.com?
A: Doesn't matter. We don't give a flyin' fart.

Q: Will I be electrocuted if I urinate on an electric fence?
A: There's one way to find out. Try it.

Q: Can I submit my own content to be posted on GimmeYourHand.com?
A: Sure. You can send us your own photos, videos, questions, stories or suggestions, and we may post them here on the website. We'll give you credit for it if you want, or you can remain anonymous. The only catch is, you have to own the copyright of the content you send (this just means it is something original that you created, and you didn't steal it from someone else). Send your stuff to Administrator@gimmeyourhand.com. You can also send it directly to your favorite "Freak". You can find their contact info HERE.

Q: Can I advertise on your website?
A: Not at the moment. We want to keep GimmeYourHand.com free of advertisements as long as possible. This means we may have an option for our visitors to donate funds to help keep us running in the future.

Q: Is there a God?
A: Yes. Yes there is.

Q: Can I buy Gimme Your Hand merchandise?
A: This is something we have been asked about a lot. We're looking into it, but we need suggestions on what you would like to buy. Tee shirts? Photos? CDs? Videos? Coffee mugs? Anal beads? Send your suggestions to Administrator@gimmeyourhand.com.

Q: What is the meaning of life?
A: A movie by Monty Python.