Reach Out And Touch Us

Donnie Kendall -

Donnie is a former professional wrestling personality, and has a quick wit and a barrage of insults at his disposal. Donnie will answer any question or comment that our visitors send him via Straight Shootin'! Start sending him your questions now, and be prepared to get ripped a new one. 
Jay loves nothing more than kicking back with some insane internet videos. He's compiling a bunch of them to share with the world. Contact Jay today, and send him your original crazy videos. You may see them featured here on!
Kylee Wylde -
Kylee has a sensitive and compassionate side that compliments the big picture of Gimme Your Hand Entertainment. But don't let that fool you. Kylee is also a punk rock girl who can hold her own. She will give a female's perspective on things, and get readers buzzing with her "Hottie Assessment" articles!

Rex Delaney - 
Rex is a young, red-blooded American guy that may need anger management classes. A post from Rex is almost guaranteed to be non-family friendly. He is foul-mouthed, crude and obnoxious. In other words, he fits in very well around here.
Mr. Blood-
Mr. Blood is the personification of evil. The devil himself is probably prayin' to God that Mr. Blood makes it to Heaven. Send The Blood Man all of your horror related questions and comments, and check out his Scream Factory... if you dare!